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MONDAY 15th JUNE 2020 – BABIES 1.

Miss Kate and Miss Lilly welcome you all to another great week ahead planned for your little ones in the Babies 1 Room. 😊 This morning Edward and Peyton began their day in the Babies 3 Room with some other friends and Miss Jena before Miss Kate arrived. We set about to have some yummy fruit salad, banana puree and yoghurt for morning tea before having our first snooze of the day! 😊 The children respond well to being in predictable and regular routines to help them feel safe and secure in our environment. 😊

Edward is gaining in fantastic coordination skills once again as he chooses the balls to practice his physical development by kicking, throwing and rolling them with a big smile on his face! 😊
We continue to practice our physical gross motor skills as a whole group focus and documented observation in the outdoor play space with the obstacle course. All the children responded well to being outside especially Oliver and Charlie today. 😊

Little Olive gives us beautiful big smiles as she explored the books today which is super cute! The other children responded well today by self-selecting the pull-along toys and puzzles which is a great way to practice fine motor skills and concentration spans. 😊

Miss Kate bought in some animal coasters which we have all been enjoying and learning about animal sounds and recognizing the different pictures. 😊 We use scaffolding and intentional teaching opportunities to extend your child’s learning and development daily here in the Babies 1 Room. 😊

Conversational reading is a part of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH – a language enriched program which we are all responding well too with Miss Kate! 😊

We value your ideas and suggestions anytime into our room and program so please feel free to talk to us about anything you would like to see incorporated and we will do our best to add this into our day here! πŸ™‚

Many thanks – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly! XOXO