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Happy Monday and welcome back from the weekend!
Today we have a fun little group of Orion, Quinn, Luca and Abel.
This morning Luca, Quinn, Abel and Orion participated in our painting activity for the Reconciliation week. We used black to represent the people, yellow to represent the sun and red to represent earth. Our friends enjoyed using the cotton buds to paint with even some enjoyed tasting it. They all engaged well in this art activity as well as listening to “Welcome to the land” song with Miss Jess and Miss Kate.
After our art activity our friends got around on the floor and explored the room and the many toys.
Quinn and Orion were quick to move to the book nook area to read some fun books with Miss Kate, while Luca enjoyed the trolley cart and babies. Abel is becoming so strong and confident in holding himself up while sitting!! Amazing to see!!
For the afternoon we had a lovely time outside with our friends and exploring around.
We hope you had a great day as we did
Thank you, babies,- see you all soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx