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Good afternoon families, today we welcomed our friends Matilda, Thomas, Bentley, Zelia, Jordan, Shayaan and Oliver with lots of cuddles and smiles behind our masks. We enjoyed having the doors open and engaging in spontaneous child led play with Miss Shae until Miss Crystal arrived. We then came together in the room and did our nappies before all our friends went down for their morning sleeps. Shayaan enjoyed some morning tea before moving over to the Babies Three room, for his transition day, how exciting! As our friends woke from their sleeps they enjoyed some delicious morning tea!

For group time today we sat with Miss Shae and Miss Jessica on the green mat and read a special book called, “The Dot” which was all about a young child who does not believe she can draw however her teacher believes that she can, from a dot she creates and lets her imagination go wild. It is a beautiful book to celebrate International Dot Day. After our story we sang Bee Bee Bumble Bee to listen and recognise our names and continue with routine, before moving on and washing our hands for some lunch. Today we enjoyed a lot of child led and spontaneous play both indoors and outdoors. Our quiet book area has continued to be a hit, and our friends have really enjoyed finding a book, sitting on the book mat, and looking through and feeling the different textures and illustrations. Our walker has also been a hit as most of our friends are at some stage of their walking milestone, using it to pull themselves up and gain their balance and either letting go and walking unassisted or walking with the walker. We have also had tummy time and our activity frame on the mat both inside and outside to cater to Thomas our younger bub. Outside we enjoyed climbing on the wooden climbing equipment, practising our walking and climbing but continuing with our turn taking and sharing. We also enjoyed singing and dancing to some of our favourite Disney songs and playing musical instruments, and giggling as we watched each other.

Thank you for such a lovely day.
Much Love,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx