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Hello families

Welcome to babies one room. Miss.Hansani welcomed Charlie and Miller to their beautiful learning environment in the morning with big warm cuddles. We had so much fun in babies one room today as we enjoyed both indoor and outdoor experiences during the day. We started our day having yummy morning tea and practiced self-help skills during the meal times. It was nice to see that how much they interested to use folks and spoons to have food. After having morning tea, we washed our hands before explore the indoor activities. Charlie and Miller sat down on the mat to read some books with Miss.Hansani. So, we decided to read some books with animals as their interest. Charlie enjoyed listen to the stories while Miller pointing out animals. After that we have been singing some nice songs while Charlie and Miller were shaking sensory bottles. ‘Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat’ were their favorite songs.

After having our big lunch, children have been choosing to play outside while enjoying the nice cold weather. Miller couldn’t wait to play in the sand pit. She took a shovel to dig sand and Miss.Hansani offered a bucket to fill the sand. Charlie enjoyed walking around with the caterpillar and playing with dolls in a corner of the yard. Then we have been choosing to engage with some construction outdoor as children loved to play with the soft big blocks.

It has been a beautiful day with all these experiences with babies one friends

much love from Miss.Hansani