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Good afternoon everyone.

Happy Friday…  Miss.Hansani welcomed Winston, Daris, Olive and Cleo into their beautiful room in the morning with big warm cuddles. Combine morning play is always the favourite among our babies as they can see their friends from next door and play in the babies two yard. After exploring some outdoor activities, we headed back to the room to enjoy our morning tea. Thank you Mr.David for the yummy food.

Morning nap time. After enjoying the morning tea, our babies went to sleep. Miss.Hansani set up some activities inside the room while they were sleeping such as book corner, stacking rings, puzzles and play dough activity for the group time.

Later, Children enjoyed their group time while they were sitting around the table. Miss.Hansani offered a yellow play dough and animal shapes to create animals using the play dough. Babies were so excited to touch, squeeze, roll and smell the play dough using their fingers this gave hem opportunities with develop their fine motor skills and engage with sensory activities.

Until the lunch time, children have been choosing to engage with different activities as their interest. They enjoyed playing with the balls throwing them away, squeezing interlock blocks, stacking rings and playing in the home corner.  Later after having lunch we headed to the outdoor yard to explore some more nice experiences such as playing in the sand pit, playing dolls, pushing the trucks and singing songs.

We had such a beautiful day in babies one…

Have a good weekend everyone…

Much love Miss. Hansani…..