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Wonderful Wednesday, on this quiet Wednesday morning we started our day in Babies Three exploring their new room and all the wonderful new and exciting toys they have in their room. Edward seemed to really love their kitchen area and all the new noises that it made, while Bentley loved the cow bikes as well as the fire trucks and cars.

We then came back to our room for some delicious morning tea followed by bubbles which both boys loved. Bentley then participated in some drawing. Then Miss Amanda played with the balls with Bentley practicing our throwing, catching and even some kicking.

Continuing on today with some more Easter crafts as well as building on our family tree, please don’t forget to bring in your beautiful family photos for us to place on our tree. Don’t hesitate to have a glance at our tree and see all the wonderful cultures and family backgrounds that we have in this room.

Much love Miss Kate and Miss Amanda xx