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Happy Tuesday to all our Babies One families! Today we welcome our beautiful Nash into the babies one room, to meet all his new friends, and play with endless amounts of toys in which he loved oh so very much.

We then started off our morning in the yard playing games with Miss Lilly, and Miss Hansani. We begun playing cooking games in the sandpit, making all kinds of delicious make believe food, which the babies love this game 😊 We then ventured too the obstacle course where all our friends walked up and down the walking beam, did small amounts of climbing, and jumping off onto the foam blocks. This activity is a great way to stimulate their gross motor skills and engage their core muscles 😊

Later through the day the babies made a beautiful piece of art, from their own handprints in the colours yellow, blue, and red to represents the police colours. To show their respects and gratitude for β€˜thank a cop day’ in celebration of such a great cause 😊

We later enjoyed a delicious lunch made by our amazing chef David, yummy fish bites, roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, and a fresh puree and salad to fill our babies tummies, and fuel the rest of their adventurous day ahead 😊

As the afternoon made its way around, we all sat and came together to enjoy some sensory play. We all enjoyed playing with the coloured jelly, and blended nutragrain to give the effects of sand. Accompanied with seashells and sea animals to extend on the babies interest of water and sand play  The babies loved this activity, they loved the different textures between the jelly, and the eatable sand, they found it very fascinating to touch it, and of course taste test 😊

Overall, today on this fabulous Tuesday the babies have thoroughly enjoyed an adventurous day enjoying every aspect of what out Tuesday had on offer. From indoor to outdoor play, group time and sensory, but most importantly smiles and laughter to carry us through 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Hansani xo