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Today we welcomed 5 to babies one today, Alfie, Ava, Rosie, Miller and Scarlett.

We started our morning outside with some of our other babies 2 and 3 friends which was a lovely way to start our Friday. Then after morning tea and doing our acknowledgement of country we went back outside with our babies 3 friends. Some of us liked to show off our dance skills on the matts, ride the cow bikes or push along the lawn mowers outside. Being such a lovely cooler day while we were outside none of us wanted to venture back inside for lunch.

Alfie loves his musical toys he especially loves our empty formula tins and seeing how many different sounds he can make with them. He is also loving the light up balls we have in the room. He loves to throw them and watch them light up.

Ava loved showing off her dance skills whilst outside on the matts, she kept running over to the matts and dancing on them laughing and smiling. She also loved riding the cow bikes outside with her friend Rosie which was lovely to see them together. Ava participated in our Autumn collage this morning which she really enjoyed, this can be found on our wall in the room beside our family tree.

Rosie really loved being outside this morning riding the bikes with her friend Ava. Rosie loved exploring outside this morning playing with her friends from babies 3 as well. Rosie loved playing with the baby dolls outside this morning she was cuddling them and giving them kisses and nursing them to sleep.

Miller was loving being outside this morning, pulling herself up on the fence waving at all the cars as they went past. Miller is enjoying the musical toys we have here in the room and enjoys shaking them and making lots of noise.

Scarlett has a wonderful day today, she really enjoyed playing peek a boo with her friends behind the chair. Scarlett has become very confident on her feet and loves showing off how good she is at walking now which is lovely to see. Scarlett really enjoyed reading today pointing at the book and saying “ooohhhh”.

Thank you for another wonderful week. See you all next week

Love Miss Kate and Miss Amanda.