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Good afternoon all lovely families,

Today was a fantastic Friday as we welcomed Cleo, Daris, Shayaan, Valencia, Bella-Rose, and Winston. While everyone was arriving, we played in our room. there was some blocks setup and some dolls for us to try and dress up before we had morning tea.

Before sitting down at the table, we washed our hands and pushed the seat to the table. We all had a go at using a spoon we all need some more practice. After having some delicious morning tea, we all participated in the group painting with babies 2 &3. It was lots of fun!

The children were all engaged with this painting activity, as it was something new for them to do outside and using different brushes to paint with. This also encourages children learn how to hold a paint brush correctly and stimulate their minds with the different colours. We will continue to do some painting throughout next week to encourage more skills for children to lean.

Hopefully, this afternoon the rain has stopped for us to go outside and explore the big yard. While outside we hope to play with the jungle gym, cars, dance and encourage children to sing some songs.😀

Much love Miss Jess and Miss Otavia