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Happy Friday!! This morning, Miss Otavia and Miss Mel welcomed our friends Jordan, and Fletcher into our Babies One yard. It has been warmer weather this morning which welcomed us for lots of outdoor exploration. Miss T’arn arrived at 9am shortly followed by Shayaan and Bentley. It was a beautiful morning to be outside, so after having morning tea we ventured back outside to do some activities with our Babies 2 friends.

As Bentley, Fletcher, and Shayaan went down for their naps after our morning play outside, Miss T’arn and Jordan enjoyed some 1:1 time. We sang “If you’re happy and you know it” “Tiny turtle Tim” and “open shut them” together on the mat. While sitting at the table ready for lunch we sang “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” for our name recognition and response.

Today’s activity was organised by Miss Shae and Miss Tatiane who invited us to join them for a Friday Fun Day! Miss Shae set up the stand-up sensory table filled with balls, warm water, and bubbles! Jordan and Shayaan were straight to the table to see what was in there. They got so excited when they seen the balls and water! Fletcher and Bentley shortly followed to see what all the excitement was about. They were all digging their little hands in the water trying to grab as many balls as they could. Jordan had the biggest smile on his face as he splashed in the water and grabbed onto all the balls. He would lift the ball in his hand to show Miss T’arn with the biggest, proudest smile. Bentley loved to put his arms all the way into the water and touch the bottom of the table. He was so excited, bouncing up and down with excitement. Shayaan was watching Jordan with the balls and followed suit. He would try to grab as many as he could in his hands and then would show Miss T’arn with a big smile. Fletcher was watching was his friends from Babies 2 were doing. Oskar was throwing the balls and laughing, so Fletcher also tried to throw the ball. After throwing the balls for a little while, he was more interested in splashing in the water. After this fun experience and seeing how much fun and engagement the children had, we went inside to get dry and clean, ready for our naps and lunch! This was such a fun way to begin our Friday!! The children really enjoyed this fun, spontaneous play!

We look forward to some more outdoor play this afternoon!!

We hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn ♥