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Good afternoon families❤

Welcome to babies one room. it has been such a beautiful Friday in babies on today with Valencia, Bella, Peyton, Winston, Nash and Shayaan. We started the day playing outside in babies two yard in the morning. We encouraged children to engage with some obstacle courses and climbing as our babies are trying to develop the gross motor skills now. We also listened to the wiggles while we were playing outside.

Then we opened the doors and welcomed all the babies to explore the indoor experiences. Then we washed our hands and sat down at the table for morning tea. Miss.Hansani was singing ‘everybody come sit down’ while we were sitting at the table nicely. After morning tea, Valencia, Shayaan, Nash and Bella had their turns to do the ice cube painting and feather painting.

For the ice cube painting, we used blue paint ice cubes and let the children touch it and use it to make a beautiful artwork. This experience gave us opportunities with engaging with a sensory activity while creating a beautiful piece of art. For the feather painting, we used yellow and pink colours and feathers instead of paint brushes. Children loved both experiences as we used different colours and materials to do it.

Have a lovely day..

Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess