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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. Happy Friday… It has been such a beautiful day in babies one today. Today we welcome Oskar, Shayaan, Indi and Bently in the morning with lots of cuddles. Today we decorated our room as a Brazilian carnival to celebrate the international language day. We started our day exploring our outdoor yard while we were having some fresh air. Bently, Oskar and Indi enjoyed playing with the balloons in the morning. They loved to touch the party tassels attached to the balloons and looking at the butterflies on the balloon. Then Shayaan engaged with a sponge painting which we did with animal shapes sponges. Shayaan absolutely loved the painting.

Then we all headed inside the room and explored some indoor activities. We all sat on the mat and played the musical instruments, put the Hawaii necklaces and sing some Brazilian songs. It was so nice. Fletcher also joined with us for a play day today. He loved to engage with the experiences we did and spend some time with his new friends. After the busy morning, we decided to sit down and do some painting. So Miss.Otavia set up the table with beautiful bunny masks and paints with glitter and confetti. We had so much fun doing painting. We let the children to paint their mask freely and they ended up painting their hands and table too. It was messy and so much fun.. the painting was more like a sensory activity as our babies loved to use their hands and fingers. Then we enjoyed some yummy lunch and continued painting. In the afternoon, we all headed back to our yard and watched the horses over the fence and played with the balloons.

Much love Miss.Otavia