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Welcome to another wonderful Friday here in Babies One!

Today we acknowledge and celebrate, floral Friday and Daffodil day, wearing either yellow, or floral in support of it 😊

Today we commenced our morning, with two beautiful babies today, Daris and Cleo. We started of in Babies two room for a morning play, Cleo and Daris were very fascinated by their older friends, and also all the different toys at their finger tips 😊

We later ventured back to our lovely Babies One room, to have some delicious banana puree for morning tea. Daris was drawn straight to home corner, playing with all the fruits and vegetables, and Cleo was having some much-wanted tummy time with all our loose toys 😊

We then spiced up our day with some sensory play, which they loved! For our sensory play, we used play dough, which they found the texture very peculiar, and the taste not so yummy 😊 We then move onto some yellow painting for floral Friday, which was so much fun, Cleo and Daris let their imagination run wild and went to town with the yellow paint 😊

Then we sat as a group for a very yummy lunch, made by the amazing chef David. Cleo and Daris loved the vegetable puree and fresh fruit for lunch, both having seconds!

As the afternoon made its way around, we went outside for some much wanted sunlight,  we sat and had a picnic first hanging out with all the dolls, then afterwards we went to the sandpit. We enjoyed everything outside had to offer for our friends!

Overall today in Babies one, we had such a creative Friday enjoying every aspect of our day, indoors and out, with smiles and laughter to fill our fabulous Friday 😊

Love Miss Lilly x