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We have had such a great day in our Babies one room today. The children really enjoyed the freedom of indoor and outdoor play. Miss Otavia made a Sensory Tray full of sand, leaves and Indigenous musical instruments for the children to explore outside today. They all enjoyed sitting inside the tray feeling the sand and leaves in their hands and feet and playing with the musical instruments. After exploring the tray the children moved on to explore around the yard, climbing and practicing their Gross Motor Skills. Jordan and Fletcher are so confident pulling themselves up onto their feet and holding on.

After lunch our babies enjoyed some quiet time sitting together on our reading mat looking through the books. Shayaan loves this area in our classroom and often goes and sits in their for some quiet time and is extremely happy and content flicking through the books. Chester had lots to say while he was looking through his book. He was so happy and excited and was talking a lot to himself and his teachers!

It has been such a beautiful Friday in our classroom today, the children have all had an amazing day and Miss T’arn is so happy to be back with her bubs!

We hope you all have an amazing weekend everyone!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥