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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. Today Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess welcomed Nash, Daris, Shayaan, Cleo and Bella in the morning with lots of cuddles. We started our day exploring outdoor experiences as usual in the babies two outdoor yard. They babies loved spending time outdoor while having some nice and fresh air. We practiced some gross motor skills and balancing skills with all our friends. The climbing beams, obstacle courses and balancing bridge was a good opportunity to develop our physical skills today.

Then we headed to our room and sat down at the table after washing our hands to get ready for the morning tea. Children enjoyed some yummy fruits and crackers for the morning tea. Later we decided to spend some more time inside as it’s getting really sunny and hot outside. So we spend some quality time exploring some indoor experiences such as playing with the soft interlock blocks, playing in the home corner and with dolls and singing some songs.

Lunch time……We enjoyed yummy pizza for our lunch today and all the babies loved it. Children loved seeing all the decorations and activities we’ve done during the week such as spooky jars, skeletons, balloons, spider webs, spot the spiders, painting using  Halloween inspired colours, coloured rice, monster goop and slime play.

It is red shirt for Daniel day. all staff and children had worn something red to support Red for Daniel Day.  Because of this day Miss Hansani and Miss Jess thought of doing something special to show our support. The activity that was set out for babies one was a big cut out of a shirt and all the babies enjoyed painting and gluing something red onto it. They enjoyed using red paint, pom poms, paper, string, and fabric.  We had all different textured for the babies to touch and play with while coming the activity. This stimulated their mind to understand all the textures that were provided. They were engaged in this activity as it also helps support their sensory skills.

Today has been a fun and exciting Friday! All the babies have been enjoying exploring inside and out. The babies have been engaged in all the activities and toys. Once we have finished afternoon tea it’ll be time to explore outside. We will have fun pushing the trucks and singing songs while we dance.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess