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Happy FRIDAY its another week ending, today we welcomed Rosie, Alfie, Bella, Edward and Miller to the room.

We started our morning outside playing in the sandpit and using the buckets and spades to scoop the sand. We also love the textured matts outside and having our friends from the other babies room join us is also a highlight for us. Then we came inside for morning tea and continued our morning routine of washing hands which is becoming a huge focus for us at the moment.😊


Monday night is our parent information night from 4:30pm onwards please see the notice above our lockers and there is also a form there in which you can place your family name on it to indicate that you are attending. We look forward to seeing you.😊

Also on the lockers we have parent input slips in which we ask you to write down 2 developmental goals you would like to see your child achieve within the next 3 months. If you have any questions about this please see Miss Kate or Miss Amanda.😊

Rosie participated in flower collage today which she really enjoyed helping create some autumn art for our room. Rosie really enjoyed singing at lunch time today and tried to join in with us. One of Rosie’s goals is to allow her to spoon feed herself and today at both morning tea and lunch she began demonstrating this so well and with such confidence and she was so happy with herself afterwards.

Alfie is practicing his babbling more which is also one of his goals and we are encouraging him to do this through singing and talking to him, he responds well to this and gives us lots of smiles and babbling back at us. Alfie also participated in Autumn collage today which he really enjoyed feeling all the different textures. Alfie loves the music table and playing with all the different sounds it makes.

Bella loved some bubbles play this morning with Miss Dominque, she enjoyed chasing them and trying to pop them and catch them, she was laughing and saying “more more”. One of Bella’s goals this week was to encourage and aid her in her walking and she is doing so well with this, She loves to chase Miss Amanda around the matt and is getting so quick she has started to catch Miss Amanda. After lunch Bella was enjoying showing me where her nose was and where her eyes were, as you can see this bought so much excitement and joy which is shown all over her face.

Edward is loving our recycled formula tins and is enjoying using them as drums making lots of different noises on the different parts of the tins, he also explored using items from the room to aid as drum sticks. Edwards goal this week was to encourage his walking and he is becoming more and more confident with this, he is very confident walking along furniture and whilst holding onto the walker so we are going to continue encouraging him to find his feet without these items.

Miller is loving our musical table now she is pulling herself to her feet more, she is enjoying hearing all the different sounds it makes when she presses the buttons. She is also enjoying the formula tins with Edward and is babbling lots when she does this almost as if she is trying to sing to the music she is making.

Have a great weekend – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda xx