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This morning as it was a bit quiet this Monday morning we stayed and played in the B2 room for a little while before heading into our classroom for bottles, naps, and morning tea. Franka was happy playing in home corner alongside friends from b2 and b3 patting the dollies and putting them into the bed. Fletcher was enjoying cuddles with miss Hansi and Jordan was loving the spinner toys on the mat.

Today for our group time our friends and Miss Shae sat out on the verandah to sing songs, shake the maraca triangles and read books that Franka chose together. Firstly reading On the Move Book then my first food book, as we flip through the pages calling out the different pictures on the pages as our friends are pointing. Once the books were read Jordan started to open and close his fists to instigate twinkle twinkle little star as we begin to sing Jordan expressed his excitiment with a large smile on his face throughout the song. We continued our group time until it was time to transition to our hand washing and lunchtime.

Today Miss Shae has enjoyed our one on one time forming stronger bonds with each individual friend, reading books on the cushions, playing with the shakers, having cuddles on the chair, chatting while drawing and even having some giggles while nappy changing. As today has been a warmer day we have spent majority of our day outside in the fresh air soaking up the rays of sun, reading a few books such as that’s not my unicorn, What’s  on the farm?, playing peekaboo in the tunnel with Jordan as he climbs through the tunnel and shouts at Miss Shae and giggles to then turn around and do it again. climbing up on the A frame and bridge and pushing the carts with Fletcher, patting and rocking the dollies on the mat with Franka, and together popping bubbles as they approach our friends reaching out to pop them before they hit the floor. As our day progressed and our friends slept one at a time Jordan, Fletcher and Franka each had the opportunity to enhance their hand eye coordination imagination, gripping skills and colour recognition to create our own crayon drawing, happily selecting their own choice of colour dragging the crayon from one side of the paper to the other or banging the crayon so hard leaving sporadic dots all over the paper until we expressed we have had enough and ventured off to play with our toys inside until all of our friends were awake and we head back outside for afternoon tea and play with our friends in Babies 2 and 3

We look forward to continue to play outside before the weather cools down and we head inside to play in the babies two room