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Hello Babies one friends and family

This morning as our friends Fletcher, Shayaan and Bentley and our new friends Kyla arrived to kindy they were welcomed by Miss Shae and Miss Tárn in our babies room, greeting us with warm cuddles and a lot of smiles as we begin our fun filled day with loads of laughter and Olympic games activities outside and our fun experiences inside

Today we welcome to our room our new friends Kyla we are so excited to be a part of her new journey at Riversdale and can’t wait to watch her blossom within our room Welcome to our babies one family Kyla. Today inside the room Kyla, Shayyan, Bentley and Fletcher enjoyed exploring the room, playing with the rainbow sensory bottles that we borrowed from miss Mel in babies three room, fletcher grabbing the red caps with one hand and shaking it so hard while watching the liquid inside move up and down and side to side, laughing at the mixture then repeating this not with just one bottle but with both hands happily shouting at Miss Shae to watch and smiling with pride. Bentley rolling the bottles far away then crawling to them to roll them again laughing so hard he landed on his back as one rebounded off the wall and landed in front of himself. Shayyan attempted to twist off the lid, placing the bottle in his mouth and lifting it up to try to have a drink the throwing it when he could not drink the liquid. As the experience continued Shayyan grabbed the purple bottle and proceeded to bang the bottle on the floor making a great sound as the water swished as it hit the ground laughing along side Bentley. While our friends play with these bottles Kyla sat on miss shae’s lap as we roll the green bottle while Kyla watches the liquid roll around tapping the bottle, as miss shae changes the bottles to different colours calling out the colours of each container. Outside today to commemorate the beginning of the Tokyo Olympic games together with our friends in babies 2 and 3 we combined together on the verandah to participate in our own Olympic games, as we all sat together outside to listen to an array of different national anthems while Miss Mel and Miss Hansi hung up all children’s individual countries flags of origin around the Olympic rings before we headed off to participate in our  own Kindy Games, encouraging each of our friends to have a try at each activity on offer from our pool noodle javelin, pool ring toss, sensory bottle bowling, ball pit shotput, and running/ crawling races, enhancing our hand eye coordination, upper body strength, team work, gripping skills and lower body strength ensuring that our friends were having fun and also learning about what the Olympics are about in a fun active way. As our morning progressed and our fun morning came closer to our delicious lunch time we headed inside to continue with our inside activities and our rest time routines.

As the rain sets in for the afternoon we  look forward to some more inside play with Miss Tarn before we head next door into babies two with our B2 and B3 friends before we are picked up this afternoon for our weekend adventures.

We hope you all have a great weekend and we look forward to hearing the exciting stuff you get up to on the weekend

Love Miss Tárn and Miss Shae xx