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😊Good Morning And Happy FriYay!!😊

This morning upon arrival of Larsson, Bentley, Shayyan, Jordan and Bentley  on this wonderful Friday day were greeted and welcomed one at a time with loads of cuddles with educators, as we settled into the babies two room experiencing an array of different activities as Miss Tarn and Miss Shae arrived and we ventured into our room to begin our day filled with fun, cuddles and laughter.

As we are a smaller group of friends today we had the opportunity to have a more elaborate group time following each of our friends cues on when to finish up the group time, today the children loved engaging in the finger puppets, sensory books and nursery rhymes before we went to wash our hands for our delicious lunch and bottles and sleep.

As today is our final day of our sensory week Miss Tárn and Miss Shae sat down with the children as a group to enhance our final sense, our Hearing.

Outside on the verandah together we created wonderful music, using triangles, symbols, egg shakers and maracas, promoting our friends to make as much noise as we clap along with the children showing the children that Music, laughter, clapping and instruments all reach the ears as sound waves in the air as we demonstrate this by shaking egg shakers closer and closer to our friends ears.

After the children were complete with the activity they ventured off to all different activities that were on offer for each individual friends enjoyment

We look forward to playing outside again this afternoon before it gets too chilly and we head inside this afternoon to babies two to play with our friends in B2 until we are collected for the weekend.

Have a great weekend and we are looking forward to next weeks Naidoc week celebrations and activities .

😊Please stay safe over your weekend 😊

😊Love Miss Tárn and Miss Shae😊