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Happy Wednesday to all  our families and our friends Jordan, Zelia, Oliver. Grayson, Bentley and Shayaan. Today the children had a very engaging morning combined with our B2 and B3 friends and educators playing in our B2 room with all of their fabulous toys, and having some snuggles with educators as we arrive to RELC until Miss Shae and Miss Lauren arrive and we venture into our own room to start our day in B1 room.

For our group time today, together on the grey rug miss Shae and the children sang and danced along to twinkle twinkle little star, open shut them, if your happy and you know it and read dinos busy book before we headed off to get our bottoms changed and hands washed for our delicious lunches. The children are showing more and more interests in the group times as we persist with the few minutes of together time before we head off

Today as a group we continued with our sensory and Fine Motor activities with Miss Shae,  Lauren and Mahdi, the children sat down to get our hands and feet wet and soapy with a tray full of DUPLO bricks and soapy water activity. As the children together explored the bricks float in then water before getting right into the bucket and began to splash the water laughing as the water lands on themselves, as the children continue to play Bentley, Grayson and Shayyan decide to climb into the bucket and sit in the tray individually before hopping out to get a clean change of clothes on and venture off to the yard to explore what was out for them to play with before Oliver, Zelia and Jordan were finished with the activity also and we all came inside to have our group time and hand washing before have our delicious lunch and sleep time for our friends that need it.

To transition to lunch today we did bee bee bumble bee saying each of the children’s and educator’s names to help the children with name recognition and language development.

Today outside the children had the opportunity to have indoor/ outdoor play with babies two friends, enhancing our bonds and friendships with the older children climbing over the bridge, balancing on the wooden plank, enhancing our muscles while standing up onto the wooden frames and  singing songs with educators before, during and after our bubble activity.

Please rug up in the mornings as its quiet cold before the sun comes out. Lots of spare warm clothes! Keep safe and healthy within this three day lockdown😊

Love Miss Shae and Miss Lauren