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We have had a Great day in our room today, welcoming back our friend Jordan, Bentley, Fletcher, Franka and Dorijan,

While our friends sleep Dorijan enjoyed his one-on-one time with educators, blowing bubbles and popping them as they came in close touch, giggling once they evaporated in front of him, reaching out to the bubble machine, once it ran out of bubbles Miss Otavia and Dorijan played with the balls playing a little game of soccer, laughing as we kicked the ball back and forth until he got tired and went down for a sleep. Once Bentley  and Jordan awoke they enjoyed some close group time sitting on the green mat with educators “talking” with his friend building with the cube blocks, throwing the rattle ball at educators laughing so hard he fell back onto the cushions behind him.

Outside the children sat around on the large blanket singing songs, patting the dollies to sleep using out “shush” noises with Franka,  shaking the rattles with Fletcher, and reading books in the lovely breezey undercover area until it was time to come inside to have lunch. This afternoon we hope to further explore the yard , and building our fine motor skill while we play with balls, pop bubbles, read books, climb the jungle gym and walk the walkers. All with the older children from B2 and B3.

♥ Much Love, Miss Otavia and  Miss Shae ♥