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We have had a Great day in our room today in the room with our friends Jordan, Bentley, Oliver, Grayson, Zelia, Dorijan and Fletcher

Our day today started off outside with all the babies combined observing the large Mower clearing up the paddock next door, Jordan, Bentley and Grayson were soo intrigued with the mower that once the yard was complete and we came inside to have our morning tea and continue on with our Florence Nightingale oil pastel drawings, taking in turns to create our own masterpiece. As the children were completed, they had the opportunity to venture back outside onto the verandah to soak up the fresh air, while conversing with our older friends in the toddler yard and have some fun playing with our cars, balls, blocks, threading toys assorted wooden toys all with educators until it was time to come inside for our lunch time, It is great to see how the children have so enthusiastic to self help when it comes to our lunches, not allowing educators to feed the children but the children taking the spoon and feeding themselves ripping up the wrap or squishing the beans through our fingers , all while having a fabulous time doing so, expressing their excitement with a huge smile or clapping of our hands and a very messy baby until we are all finished with our Delicious meal and are ready to be washed up and either put to bed or to continue on playing until it is our turn for sleep.

As we awake we can not wait to see what this afternoon brings to us, but I know it will be a Great afternoon.

Have a Great evening

♥ Much Love, Miss Otavia and Miss Shae ♥