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Hey everyone, hope you all had a beautiful weekend with your loved ones! We welcome you to another fantastic week in Babies One!

“Ok Monday, Let’s do this!”

To start our morning we were combined in the Babies Two room with Miss Hansani, Miss Tatiane and Miss T’arn. It was a quiet morning and we welcomed Franka, sharing lots of cuddles and smiles! Once Miss Crystal had started we went to our room and had a play together in the room. Franka was immediately drawn to the babies and started role playing with them, sitting with Miss Crystal and cuddling and rocking the babies. Soon after, our friend Fletcher arrived, we came together at the table and had some morning tea. Franka and Fletcher absolutely loved morning tea and had second helpings. For morning tea we enjoyed Scrumptious Coconut Banana Split. Franka and Fletcher were encouraged to use their spoons when eating morning tea, building their fine motor muscles, grip and hand-eye coordination. It is also great for encouraging self feeding and independence when eating.

After morning tea, we sat together on the mat where Miss Crystal had set up a sensory tray. Over the next few weeks we are going to be introducing colours, providing opportunity for our friends to become familiar with colours through a hands on sensory and interest based approach. This weeks colour focus is YELLOW! In our tray we found yellow cellophane, a yellow star, a yellow pom pom, yellow lion and a yellow ball, along with this we wrapped yellow cellophane over the mini mirrors. Fletcher and Franka both loved exploring this tray, Fletcher picked up the cellophane and Miss Crystal put it in front of his face to look through and see how it made things look yellow, once we did this together he loved doing it himself, holding it in his hands and moving it slowly to his face, then looking through it and smiling to Miss Crystal. Franka was drawn to the cellophane covered mirror and yellow pom pom. She studied them for a while before placing the mirror down in front of her, gripping the pom pom and washing the mirror. She was very happy with this and soon moved to using the pom pom to wash the baby she had with her.

At the entrance of our room, Miss Crystal set up a colourful sensory display for our friends to explore. Fletcher was drawn to this area and spent some time exploring each sensory bag. The bags contain, coloured sequins, coloured feathers, coloured pom poms and coloured bells on a colourful backdrop. Not only was Fletched intrigued by the bags and their contents and the sound the bells made, he loved standing to look at them. Fletcher is showing a lot of interest in wanting to stand on his own so this activity is an excellent and fun way to provide opportunity for him to do so. Soon enough both of our friends became tired and both had a sleep before waking for lunch. Before lunch we sat together at the table for group time, we said our Acknowledgement to Country, sang ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ and then sang ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’. Bee Bee Bumble Bee is our transition song to meal times, it is a great song which allows our friends to hear and recognise their names and know its time to eat. We continued to use our self feeding skills and enjoyed Nourishing Sweet Potato, Lentil and Spinach sausage rolls with a fresh salad bar to accompany it, YUMMO! Outside we had some spontaneous play, where we enjoyed exploring the yard and playing with the push toys, climbing the bridge and playing with the balls.

For afternoon tea we enjoyed Homemade Salsa and Smashed Avocado with Pita Crispies and fresh fruit. We will play outside this afternoon until it becomes to cold where we will head inside.

Have a lovely afternoon,

lots of love,
Miss Crystal xx