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Good Morning and Happy Monday to all.

Good morning and welcome to another amazing week of Fun!  Today our friends Zelia, Jordan, Franka and Fletcher arrived they were greeted by warm cuddles and smiles beneath Miss Shae and Miss Jin’s masks in our room before we applied our sunscreen and ventured outside onto the verandah to soak up the fresh air and sunlight with all our friends from babies two before they headed into their own room and we continued on playing with the outdoor equipment until we headed inside for group time for morning tea and to begin our own individual routines and activities.

With the amazing weather that we have had this morning we have spent most of the day with the doors open permitting our friends to explore and venture wherever they choose to go. Jordan while outside today has enjoyed dancing to the music playing, throwing the large balls and watching them bounce off the fence and roll to a completely different part of the yard to then crawl to the ball once stopped to then throw it again this time it hitting Miss Shae’s leg and Jordan laughing together at the trajectory of the balls actions. To then leave the balls and crawl off to the walkers to enhance his own individual milestones of standing up as we encourage him to push the walker forward at his own pace. Zelia outside today has enjoyed sitting on the green rhino rocker, as she rocks back and forth smiling as we sing row row row your boat throwing up her arms as we finish the song and zelia waits for us to sing the song again until she was ready to hop off and show us her new walking skills while balancing on the green bridge, walking through it with ease expressing her feeling of accomplishment on her face with a large smile while walking to Miss Jin for some cuddles. As soon as Franka walked outside today she has loved pushing around the mower on the grass, at first she was walking at a slower pace while pushing the mower but as the morning progressed she was quite fast. As her experience with the mower continued Franka noticed some dollies on the mat and she picked them up and placed them on the mower and pushed them so slowly making sure they stayed on top and if they fell off she would pick them up and place them so they could stay on all while chatting away to her friends and dollies until she was complete with the activity and moved on. Fletcher outside today has enjoyed the A frames, climbing up each step closer and close to the top before vocalising that he needs help to climb down the other side to then reach the ground and then climb up the ladder to repeat this activity a few more times before fletcher got to the ground and walked off to plat with the activity centre, grabbing each coloured bead pushing it too and fro along the blue wire, up and down until it reaches the other side and fletcher celebrates with Miss Jin clapping and shouting Hooray before heading inside to play inside. As today is National cupcake day Inside Zelia, Franka, Fletcher and Jordan had the opportunity to have some one on one time to create a cupcake of their own. Using different textures, shapes and sized materials to glue onto their own cupcake. Using our had eye coordination and gripping skills to dip the paint brush into the glue and cover the cake with glue before getting our hands messy with pipe cleaners, pom poms, streamers, wool and crepe paper. As each child had their turn Miss Shae would rub a piece of each texture across our friends palms to enhance our touch receptors. Watching as they pull back their hands with smiles on their faces expressing that it was tickling them. Jordan and Zelia Loved filling their hands with all the different textures and squishing it between their fingers, before letting them all go not the table, floor and on their artwork. Fletcher flipped the container upside down and rubbed all the items across the table and o to his cake to create his masterpiece and Franka was not interested in the activity until I pulled out some oil pastels for her to use instead. As she grasps the pastels with her whole hand as she draws all over her cake to create her own piece of art. After our art activity each child ventured off to play inside the room until lunch and sleep time for those who need it.

Today for our group time we began with the acknowledgement to country, reciting our little poem while repeating the actions, after that we began our group time with some finger puppets, singing turtle tim and five green turtles sitting on a log, as each turtle “fell off” we took in turns to remove the turtle until there were none left. As soon as we stopped singing Franka started twinkle twinkle little star and together we joined in to sing until the song was complete and we all clapped together to applause all of our singing efforts. After singing and before we sang our transition song we read a great sensory book called Dino’s Busy book, going around in a circle so we could all feel each texture and discuss the colours.

As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some more inside play as the rain sets in outside.

We hope you have a wonderful evening

Miss Shae and Miss Jin