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♦ Good Morning to all in Babies one ad Happy Monday to you all ♦

This morning as Zelia, Franka, Fletcher, Jordan and our newest friend Thomas arrived they were greeted at the door by miss Hope and Miss Shae with happy faces and big cuddles as we said goodbye to our mummies and daddies and we begun our day inside our room, When Miss Jin arrived our friends whom needed sleep were patted to bed and our friends whom were awake began our art activity before washing hands for morning tea.

Today as each individual child have their own sleep we had smaller intimate group times throughout the day, our first group time was instigated by Zelia, reading that’s NOT my unicorn on the grey rug to Franka and Thomas as she vocalises what her interpretation of the wording was as she turns the pages until the book was closed and Zelia, Franka , Thomas and Miss Jin celebrated by clapping expressing accomplishment before Zelia was collected to go home and we continued our group time, singing old mc Donald, twinkle twinkle and baa baa black sheep before miss Loz arrived with lunch. After Jordan and Fletcher woke up we sat down outside to sing and dance to nursery rhymes with our friends out on the verandah singing and reading along to that’s not my dinosaur and My Aussie dad before heading inside to have their lunch.

Today Zelia, Fletcher, Franka, Thomas and Jordan have enjoyed having the doors open to encourage inside/ outside play. Inside at the table this morning Fletcher, Franka and Jordan together stacked up the plastic blocks as high as they could until the tower tumbled down onto the table making a large BANG! As Jordan laughs so loudly he fell onto his bottom to then stand up and try the tower again. Before heading outside to continue decorating our puppet theatre box with an array of oil pastels, using our hand eye coordination, gripping skills, teamwork and imagination to cover the box and ourselves with the pastels until we were finished and ventured off to play. Franka  today has show expression of interest towards the dolls outside, rocking them in her arms as she walks around the yard shushing them as she places them on the mat to pat them to sleep before sourcing out another doll to place in the pram and roll the pram inside to the table where she sat at the table with the doll smiling at Miss Shae when approached and sat there for a few minutes before placing the doll on the table to sit next to our new friend Thomas and Miss Jin, and Thomas was having his morning bottle. Jordan  today had been loving the one on one time with educators, Giving Miss Tárn and Miss Maddy a HUGE cuddle through the fence to them be placed on the grass to crawl onto miss Shae who was reading a book to fletcher as Jordan snuggles up making a large sigh as he rubs his hand on Miss Shae’s hand until Fletcher walked away and the book was finished and Jordan wanted to hear the book again two more times before crawling off to the green bridge to practice his upper body strength and enhance his leg muscles before coming inside to thread the wooden toggles on the activity centre. Fletcher today has Loved making lots of noise with the musical instruments, banging his hands on the rainbow tambourine, stomping on the bells to hear each different chime, shaking the egg maracas to the wiggles as he shakes his body with a large grin on his face. Today Zelia  has continued to express her enjoyment of books, grabbing one book at a time to sit on the pink cushions inside to flip through pages reading aloud each page and feeling the different textures and shapes of the few books that she has read  as we encourage her to continue her book reading following it up within our group time. Our newest friend to our babies one room Thomas  has had a wonderful day meeting all of our educators and friends as he lounges outside on the mat under the animal A frame while smiling up at Miss Jin and Miss Shae slowly forming attachments and bonds. We can’t wait to watch Thomas blossom and grow within the babies room.

As the afternoon sets in, we will hopefully enjoy some more outdoor play before transitioning inside for the evening.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of your day and evening

♥Love Miss Shae and Miss Jin ♥