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Good afternoon everyone

Welcome to babies one. We spent such a beautiful time in babies one today as always. we started our day exploring indoor activities allowing children to play freely and choose activities as their interest. Children enjoyed demonstrating their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills by engaging with stacking ring and doing some puzzles with Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly.

After enjoying morning tea, we spent lot of time outside exploring outdoor activities such as climbing, playing in the sand pit and playing with the dolls. They really enjoyed selecting activities as their interest. Olivia enjoyed playing with the dolls and climb on the climbing beam with parker. Winston and Daris loved being in the sand pit throwing sand around and digging the sand pit using a shovel. Then Miss.Lilly decided to do some water play with sea animals as an extension for sensory activity (edible beach) e have done this week. It was such a good opportunity to start sensory play with water as it’s getting back warm weather.  They couldn’t wait to touch and splash the water. Parker and Daris got so excited and swam in the water with the biggest smile on their faces. We will be exploring more sensory activities and arts and crafts over the next days.

It has been such a nice day

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly