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Good afternoon to all of our amazing families! This morning, our friends were greeted with lots of cuddles by Miss Crystal and Miss Shae as we said good morning to Jordan, Bentley, Grayson, Dorijan, Oliver and Larsson! As we began our morning, we all got our nappies changed and Jordan, Larsson, Oliver and Bentley went off for their morning sleeps. Meanwhile Grayson and Dorijan were helping Miss Crystal with folding the washing while Charles enjoyed playing with the books. After our friends had woken, we enjoyed our morning tea.

Before lunch as all of our friends were awake, we came together outside in the beautiful weather on the mat to engage in some group time before transitioning off to lunch. Group time today was a very special one as it involved us reading a special story on feeling HAPPY before looking at our facial expressions in the mirror. Today is a very important day, ‘R U OK?’ day and we wanted to provide a meaningful learning experience that introduces feelings and emotions to our young friends and recognising their facial expressions to allow them to grow and understand their own feelings and those of others. We really loved the story but we absolutely loved coming together and looking in the large mirror. We have had such beautiful weather today and couldn’t wait to have our doors open to freely move and engage both indoors and outdoors. Outside we had the climbing equipment set up for our friends to continue exploring their walking and balancing abilities. Dorijan again had shown interest in the ladder ‘A’ frame, today he was able to gain his balance and confidence and climb over the top and go down the other side. Jordan and Larsson were playing alongside one another as they pulled the soft blocks out of the basket and laughing as they threw them over their heads. Oliver has enjoyed pulling himself up using the cube shelves, practising his standing and balancing as he engaged and looked at the books on the shelves, flipping the pages and looking at the illustrations. For our art activity today, we did colour ice painting, this has continued our focus on sensory play but in a way that allowed our friends to explore their creativity and curiosity. Grayson and Bentley enjoyed tasting the ice and then painting on the paper and spreading the water around using their hands. This was so much fun to explore with on this beautiful, warm day. This afternoon we will engage in more water sensory play with our yellow focus nature tub for ‘R U OK?’ Day.

We hope you have taken the time out to ask someone ‘R U OK?’ and have a lovely day.

Much love,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx