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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

Today has been a wonderful Thursday. Today we welcomed Olivia, Olive, Peyton, Oskar, Parker, Daris, Cleo and Winston. While waiting for our friends to arrive we explored inside before morning tea. once it was time for morning tea, we washed our hands, pushed the chairs to the table and sat down ready for some yummy yogurt and fruit. We practiced using a spoon again today. We are all getting better just need some more practice. After finishing morning tea, it was time to explore the room.

Miss Jess had some Christmas books that she read to us and they were Pepper’s Christmas, A Christmas Wish and last one was Happy Christmas Spot. We were all were engaged as Miss Jess read through the books with us. Afterwards we carefully look at all the pictures. This was lots of fun as there was lots of colors and different objects for us to point at. Once reading the Christmas books we explored the soft blocks, home corner, dress ups and the dolls. We all had lots f fun exploring the room as we got to express our emotions through play.

While exploring the room Miss Otavia had some Christmas collage that was completed with a group of children. We used glitter, tinsel, and some colorful paper. This was exciting as there were all different textures for us to feel. We will continue to complete Christmas activities throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas.

We encourage all families to attend Babies One Christmas party on Monday the 14th of December. We also remind parents that only TWO parents/ Adults can attend due to COVID restriction. There will be food provided and activities for the children and parents to participate in. we hope you can come!

Much Love Miss Otavia and Miss Jess 😊