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Hi everyone! Happy Thursday!

“Being a family means you are apart of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life!” – Lisa Weed

What a lovely day we have shared with all your little darlings, this morning we were in our room early and welcomed Jordan, Zelia, Dorijan, Larsson, Bentley, Grayson and Oliver with lots of hugs. Despite the weather we enjoyed being indoors moving around and playing with all the different toys. Very soon after everyone arrived, almost everyone had the first day sleep. While most were sleeping Jordan and Bentley were awake and enjoying the solitude of quiet room. They enjoyed playing with the abacus and cars as well as pulling themselves up and balancing in a standing position, this is strengthening their leg muscles and building their confidence before they decide it’s time to take a step.

As our friends began wake we had some morning tea, all our friends enjoyed the banana, holding it in their hand and squeezing it and feeling its texture, continuing with their sensory learning. Our friends also practised holding their spoons and strengthening their grips for feeding. Morning tea was Creamy Pear Quinoa Porridge and bananas. After morning tea we moved onto free spontaneous play in the room as it was on and off raining. Dorijan was focused on the stacking rings, spending quite some time engaged on it using his hands and grip and hand-eye coordination to fit them on. When he had put them on the stick he clapped and acknowledged his efforts. Larsson was interested in the stacking cups, gripping them in his hands and tapping them on the floor, when he noticed they made sound he kept hitting them on the ground and smiling. Oliver has continued to show us his crawling, moving around the room and following his friends, he is showing frustration when he stumbles across something in his direction, so we continue to provide opportunity for him to problem solve and move around them.

LUNCH TIME!, we came together at the table with Miss T’arn and did group time. We sang ‘open, shut them’, ‘Tiny Turtle’, and ‘If you’re happy and you know it!’, our friends watched Miss T’arn as she did the actions and tried to mirror her, especially when there was clapping they all loved giving it a go. Before lunch we sang our final transition song, ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’, and hearing our names to continue building on our recognition and response. For lunch today we enjoyed Roast Vegie, Avocado and Pesto Grills with a fresh side of salad.

After lunch we all at times had a sleep. Meanwhile in between each others sleeps we were outside while there was no rain. Grayson and Zelia had fund musical instruments and wanted to play with them, they held the egg shakers and listened as they made music. Holding them in their hands is building their fine motor strength as well as enjoying sounds. Also outside our friends enjoyed playing with the activity table and pushing toys.

Depending on the weather we may stay indoors to keep nice and warm and dry for home time. Thanks for a beautiful day friends.

Lots of love,

Miss Crystal and Miss T’arn