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Good afternoon to you all, can’t believe it is the end of the week! We have had such a fun week with lots of costumes, stories and laughter for book week!

Good afternoon to all our wonderful families! This morning our friends Zelia, Bentley, Grayson, Jordan, Oliver, Larsson and Dorijan were welcomed by Miss Tatiane and Miss Hansani outside in the verandah area. They were welcomed with lots of cuddles! When Miss Crystal started, Miss Tatiane couldn’t wait to show our friends off and their costumes to Miss Crystal. Zelia was dressed as a tiger, Bentley was Tigger, Larsson was decked out in an awesome Winnie the Pooh outfit, Grayson was Old MacDonald and when Miss Shae arrived, she showed off her farmer look! We had a fairly quiet morning as almost all friends went down for a sleep. While most of our friends slept, Grayson, Dorijan and Miss Crystal enjoyed some morning tea.

Today’s group time was lots of fun, we took lots of photos in our costumes, had fun taking turns wearing Miss Shae’s farmer hat, and reading all the wonderful books we brought in for book week. Today’s books were: Farm, Where’s my tractor?, Never touch a Tiger and Day and Night. To finish off this amazing week we wanted to have a day filled with lots of laughter and child led play. After our friends had woken and we had morning tea we went outside to enjoy the lovely, sunny weather! Some of the favourite things to play with today was the activity centre table, building and strengthening our leg muscles and balancing as some of our friends creep closer to the very exciting walking milestone. Jordan, Oliver and Bentley had each spent some time playing with the activity centre table. Miss Crystal decided to pull out the bubbles, we sat on the mat eager to pop some bubbles! As Miss Crystal would blow them, our friends would reach out and pop them. It was funny as some of the bubbles would land on the ground and not pop, so it was fun popping them on the ground and seeing them up close. Grayson and Larsson would often look at Miss Crystal and share a giggle as the bubbles were blown and would pop in front of their faces. After some bubble play, we ventured off into the Babies Two and Babies Three yard to explore and play with the sand pit. The sand pit was a great way to continue with the incorporation of sensory based play and textures. Dorijan was enjoying scooping sand up and tipping it into a bucket, enhancing and combining both his fine and gross motor skills. After some sand pit play we went and visited our other friends from the other rooms, we enjoyed engaging in play with the small world trough before heading back to our yard to get ready for lunch. After lunch Zelia joined us to play after having a long morning sleep. She enjoyed walking around the yard and showing off her skills as she would climb and walk over the bridge. Zelia is continuing to seek out challenges with her walking which is allowing her to build confidence and a stronger sense of self as she can freely move and explore.

The children have been happier and more engaged in activities initiated by the children and responded positively to the activities planned. As the afternoon sets in, we will hopefully enjoy some more outdoor play before transitioning inside for the evening.This afternoon the children will have opportunity to engage in spontaneous play.

Have an amazing long weekend and we can’t wait to see all your fresh faces next week!

Just a reminder we are closed tomorrow, Friday 27th August

Lots of love,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx