Today we welcomed Six wonderful babies today, we had Bella, Bentley, Edward, Miller, Olive and Scarlett. This morning we decided to have some outdoor play before lunch with Scarlett, Bella and Bentley all loving the tent running/crawling in and out. While miller loved the climbing steps and tried to climb each level getting closer and closer to walking every day. Miller and Bella loved playing with the animal figures outside and we encouraged them to make the sounds the animals make which bought lots of smiles to their faces.

Edward has begun taking steps in the last couple of days so today we encouraged him to continue with his walking. Edward really enjoyed playing in our home corner today playing with the kitchen and the play food.

Bentley loved playing with the balls today constantly pulling them out and throwing them. Bentley also loved the carts outside and enjoyed pushing them along.

Scarlett loved going outside today playing with the tent and the animals, but she was most intrigued with our new friend Olive sitting with her and giving her lots of smiles and cuddles.

Miller enjoyed playing in our home corner today especially the play food with her friend Edward. She also loved having her morning tea today.

Olive really enjoyed the play gym laying there smiling at her new friend Scarlett.

Bella enjoyed being outside this morning playing with the animals and the tent. Bella has really found her feet since learning to walk and she is enjoying showing it off to anyone who will watch.

All the children loved sitting at the window watching the rain pour in after lunch it was nice and relaxing before our nap time and some of the children enjoyed bubbles with Miss Gabi.

Thank you for a wonderful Thursday

Much love

Miss Amanda and Miss Livia xx