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We have had a beautiful day today! We spent most of our morning exploring outside as it was beautiful weather. Dorijan and Chester were standing by the doors a lot, wanting to go outside and play. Chester was pointing to the paddock at the back saying “horse!” They had lots of fun outside, climbing, pulling themselves up so they can play on the musical table, and playing with their B2 friends.

After lunch we decided to stay inside for a play. The children had fun playing with the spinning window toys, soft blocks, and babies. Some of our children were so chatty during this quiet time and enjoyed lots of cuddles. They had lots of fun exploring the room while some of their fiends were sleeping.

Allowing the children the opportunity to self-select and find their own toys of interests that make them feel happy and content helps them to build their independence and self- help skills. Our Babies enjoy the opportunity to have days where they can freely explore.

Have a great evening!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥