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Good Afternoon lovely families,

Today in Babies One we welcomed Cleo, Olive, Daris, Peyton, Parker, and Oskar. In the morning while waiting for our friends to arrive we explored our room before it was time for morning tea. Miss Jess helped us pack away by singing a song Everybody Pack away Pack away and Bee Bee Bumble Bee. The children love hearing these songs as it encourages to participate and try to communicate to educators.

We had some yummy morning tea which was yogurt with fruit. It filled our tummies and then afterwards it was time to explore inside. We explored inside today as it was too hot to go outside and while exploring inside Miss Jess had something fun for us. Miss Jess brough in some musical instruments. We made all different sounds and tried to understand the concept of music. After exploring the musical instruments, it was tie for some yummy lunch. we enjoyed the musical instruments it was lots of fun!

Music allows children to focus and relax with the sounds they can hear around them. Also allowing children to explore all the different sounds as they use their fine motor skills.  For some children it is a beginning to see a creative world

We encourage all families to attend Babies One Christmas party on Monday the 14th of December. Can we also remind parents and adults that are attending that only TWO from each family can attend due to COVID restrictions. We will have some yummy food and some activities for everyone to participate in if they wish. We hope to see everyone there!

Much love Miss Jess and Miss Otavia 😊