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We have had a fun day today!! Dorijan, Fletcher, and Grayson got to see the big Firetruck today!! They were so excited watching the truck through the fence!! Dorijan went for a walk with the other babies classrooms to go and see the Firetruck up close and be able to walk through the truck!! Fletcher, Grayson and Miss T’arn watched on through the fence!! They loved it!! It was so much fun, Dorijan had the biggest smile on his face!!

We were lucky enough to get out and see the Firetruck before the rain came! We wanted to continue with our Gross Motor Skills Development so we decided to bring some of the climbing equipment inside for a play. The babies really enjoyed this and were so happy and excited to be able to climb on all the equipment inside. Jordan and Bentley were practicing their standing and holding on. They were both laughing and talking with excitement.

Chester enjoyed Morning Tea and a nap with us this morning before going into Babies 2 for his visit. He is so confident and comfortable with his friends and teachers in B2. He is already building those long, trusting relationships and settling in well. Miss T’arn seen Chester happily drawing at the table with his new Babies 2 friends.

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥