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Welcome to another great day here in Babies One room!

To begin our morning, we started in Babies two room, exploring what toys are on offer for the our babies 😊

We then made our way back to our room, Babies one room, where we started off with finger painting our leaves, for the spring wall, to add to our flowers that we made yesterday 😊 The babies loved doing the finger painting and having the opportunity, to go wild with all the paints getting it everywhere, but the paper. But this is a great way for them to express themselves and tap into their imagination 😊

Later we moved onto some water sensory play, extending on the kids favourite area home corner. We filled a large container with warm water where the babies had the opportunity to wash all their favourite fruits, and vegetables, and some may of even went for a quick swim 😊 The babies loved this particular activity getting to splash around and make all kinds of mess 😊

We then enjoyed a delicious lunch, made by our amazing chef David. He cooked us vegetable puree, with crumbed fish and vegetables, filling our baby’s stomachs with pure goodness 😊

As the afternoon came around, we enjoyed a slower pace, opening the doors offering indoor and outdoor play time, leaving it up to the babies where they would like to venture off to. The sandpit and obstacle course being the favourite for our Tuesday afternoon 😊

Overall, today on this lovely Tuesday we have thoroughly enjoyed the sensory painting, and water play. Not only test tasting paint, but also going for a quick swim with the vegetables, was the highlight of everyone’s day! smiles and laughter to fill our Tuesday! 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey xo