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Welcome to Wednesday in the Babies 1 Room on this super quiet day with just the two little friends, Bella and Edward today alongside Miss Kate. Soon after arriving the children both enjoyed some yummy fruit salad and yoghurt whereby, we encourage healthy eating and self-help skills. 😊 After morning tea we practice our ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ song with actions to show our respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of being the traditional owners of this land. The children respond well to this with simple hand actions to imitate from their educators. Please see the wall display for our words. 😊 Miss Kate introduced Learning Games which is apart of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH to encourage language. We focused on the game ‘Find a Picture’ one-to-one which Bella got the idea to find the crocodile in the book after Miss Kate hid it behind her back. Vygotsky stated that children learn twice, once by watching and thinking, the other by doing. 😊 Edward took a liking to the big blue textured balls this morning practising his throwing skills and chasing them which was funny to observe his play. 😊 We added more green handprints to our family tree which is really coming together nicely now with our family input of your photos. 😊

Thanks Babies 1 for a nice day – Miss Kate XX