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Wednesday 25th March 2020.

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday, today we had a wonderful day with lots of laughter and joy some wonderful one on one moments and some wonderful group times.

We started our morning with our other babies friends then we went to our room for some delicious morning tea where we practiced our acknowledgement of country, we also sang some of our favourite songs being “incy wincy spider”, “If your happy and you know it” and a new one we are learning for Easter “Hop little bunnies”. After morning tea Bentley and Edward had some one on one conversational reading time with Miss Kate to try and aid in extending our language skills, Both children responded really well to this and enjoyed some quiet time with Miss Kate.

We had some bubble time with Charlie, Parker, Bentley and Edward which all the children really enjoyed and smiled and laugh as the bubbles fell and they tried to catch them. Charlie self-selected some things to play with today and she was really gravitated to the musical drums which she loved to bang on them and make as much musical sounds as she could. Parker also self-Selected today which she selected the musical rattles which she really enjoyed shaking them along side Charlie. Both of our new children Parker and Charlie have settled into the room so quickly and with such ease. Bentley self-selected some books for Miss Jordan to read to him which he really enjoyed and kept getting more books for her to read to him. Edward really loves our musical walker in the room he is enjoying being able to explore more of the room on his feet.

Thank you for another wonderful day

Much Love

Miss Kate & Miss Amanda