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Good afternoon all families,

This morning while waiting for all our friends to arrive we explored the books, trucks, jungle gym and dinosaurs that were available to play with outside. Once our friends Parker, Olive, Luna, Charlie, and Oskar had arrived it was time to go inside.

We washed our hands and got ready to sit at the table for our yummy morning tea. We had some yogurt with some peach and bananas. It was delicious! Once our tummies were full it was time to explore inside.

We played with home corner, dancing to some songs such as, ABC, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the Wheels on The Bus. While singing the songs we all had a little boggy to the music as we could not keep still. Our bodies wanted to dance and shake some moves. It was then time to explore outside and see what Miss Jess had set up for us.

Miss Jess had water, bark, sand, leaves and some dinosaurs in a tub for us to play with. It was lots of fun! All the different textures felt strange in our hands as we explored the sensory activity. This helped our minds understand the different textures that were provided and allow our mind to grasp all the textures around us while outside. It was timw to go inside after, we had more sensory activities to play with.

This time they were sensory bags full of oil and water. There were blue, green, orange, and clear bags that had items such as googly eyes and pom poms inside the bags for us to feel. We loved it! while squishing the bags the oil and water would move and the items would too. we were all engaged in the activity as our minds were trying to understand the concept of how this is made.

After we have afternoon tea, we will use the afternoon to explore outside. Dance read books and climb on the jungle gym. We cannot wait to explore more sensory activities during the week.

The children were all engaged with the sensory activities as this allows them to understand the different textures of different items. We will continue to extend on our sensory activities this week as our minds need to continue to grow while using gross motor and fine motor skills.

Much Love from Miss.Jess and Miss.Hansani