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Hello families, welcome to Friday in Babies 3,

This morning we welcomed Isla, Bella, Daris, Adeleine, Theo, Jhye, Valencia and Matthew with lots of cuddles as they settled into their learning environment. We started our day in Babies 2 playing with our friends. Once most of our friends arrived, we headed over to our yard as it was such a sunny morning, and our friends were enjoying exploring. They all love to play in the sandpit. Valencia was using the watering can pretending she was putting water in the sand. Daris and Jhye were practicing their balance walking and jumping over the soft blocks. It was time to go back to the room to enjoy our delicious morning tea with Scrumptious Bananarama Split.

Before we have our planned activity we had some free time to explore the room and self-select our toys of interest. Jhye had lots of fun with the chainsaw going all around the room showing his toy to his friends. Mathew and Daris were holding a dinosaur and they started yelling to everyone “rooaaa” “roooaa”. Valencia was engaged in the home corner. First she was choosing her favourite ice cream then she starts pretending to eat from the bowl saying “mmm” as she brought the spoon up to her mouth. Theo was very busy playing with the pop-up shapes, using his concentration he pressed the buttons to reveal the animals then he pushed each one down again. Bella and Daris enjoyed some music instruments.

Continuing today with some exciting science experiments for National Science week today we had an Ice painting. Miss Otavia set up the activity on the table and invited us to join her for a new experience. She gave a blank white paper and ice cubs with coloring for us. They really liked touching the ice and feel the cold and some of them also enjoyed taste it. We all shared the different colours to make a pretty painting.

After our activity was over, we popped our sunscreen on and found our hats as we headed outside for more play. Adeleine was moving the sensory bottles around the yard, placing them into the pram and pushing till she decided to place them elsewhere. Theo gave a ride to his friend from babies 2 pushing her inside the trolley around the yard. Isla was climbing over the bridge then Daris came to joined her. Matthew decide to hide a bike using his legs to move forward. Bella and Valencia also had turns playing on the slide.

Today for group time we all sat together outside before lunch to sing nursery rhymes. We sang with Miss Lauren “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” and “if you happy and you know it”. So, we all sung and did the actions together. Matthew loves “if you’re happy and you know it” doing all the actions while smiling along to the song. We then sang “Bee, bee bumble bee” as we took turns to wash our hands and clean up for lunch and rest time. As we do this name recognition more often, we will all be saying our own names soon.

For lunch today we enjoyed yummy Fun day’ Friday Roast It Up. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music. For afternoon tea we gonna have Crunchy Munchy Chocolate Topped Rice and Sunflower slice. We will plan to head back outside to burn off some energy with child led activities and venture back indoors if it becomes too chilly.

Book Week – theme: around the world. Next week is about bringing children and books together across Australia. It’ll be a fun week of dress-ups, activities, and all things books. The children are invited to come dressed as their favourite book character.

See you all very soon. Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Otavia and Miss Lauren xxxxx