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Hello all the families,

Welcome to babies two room. It has been a beautiful day as always with our eight little babies, Jackson, Noah, Finley, Cameron, Skyla, Max, Ariana and Thomas.

In the morning we had morning tea and went to outside for play and the sand tubs were a big surprise for our babies. Finley, Noah, Max, Thomas and Ariana loved to play with sand and Cameron grabbed all the balls out from the sand tub one by one. Finley and Ariana wanted some bubbles while they play outside  and Miss Lisa did some bubbles to make them happy. and we had a nice painting session today. we painted our babies feet and put on a paper to measure their feet by using inches as it is the last day of the ‘ I ‘ week.  children have been choosing to read books in the afternoon and Noah picked a book and gave it to me to read. Skyla also had a great day she loves to be outside with her friend and she could play with her friends from next door as we combine altogether in the afternoon.

it was a lovely busy Friday. have a good weekend everyone….