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Hello all the families

It has been a beautiful busy Friday and we welcomed seven babies to babies two room Finley, Thomas, Skyla, Cameron, Ariana, Jackson and Noah.

Children has been choosing to play outside in the morning. So Thomas loved to ride the tricycle and Jackson loved to thow the balls. And then we arranged a sand play for our babies as the weather is so good. We all enjoyed the morning sand play specially Jackson, Thomas and Finley. And then we had a nice morning tea and played inside for a little bit. Ariana, Jackson and Finley loved to read some books and play around the room before having their lunch. Ariana loves songs and she started to clap and dance when i was singing.

After having lunch we went outside for a sensory activity as our babies love to explore the things and feel the things. So they could play with some colorful feathers, play dough, different kind of papers and sand. So they could feel the difference of surfaces. Ariana loved the play dough and feathers and she started to role the play dough on the table. Cameron was really gentle with the feathers and he loved to hold feathers in one hand and play dough in the other hand. Noah loved to make holes using his fingers. it was a lovely evening. Babies loved the new activities.

It has been a nice Friday and it’s miss Nikki’s last day in this center. Good luck miss Nikki..

Have a lovely weekend…..