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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room for another beautiful Friday. In the morning we welcomed our little friends to their room and enjoyed lot of play inside and outside. And we arranged some activities too for the beautiful Friday.

Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning as usual. So, we arranged a sensory activity outside by using some stones, natural leaves, wood pieces and some sand. Max, Finley, Ariana and Jackson were really interested to touch and feel the materials as our babies love to have different activities daily. Thomas enjoyed his morning playing with the balls outside.

And then we came inside and enjoyed our meals. It was lovely to see everyone having their meals nice and calmly together. And then we had a wonderful water play outside after lunch to have some fresh air and nice feeling before sleep.

Today we read some more books inside with miss Dominique while we were sitting on the mat. And then we went outside in the afternoon and did some free play. Finley, Jackson and Max have been choosing to play with hula hoops while Thomas and Ariana riding the tricycles.

It has been a beautiful Friday…. Have a good weekend

Love Miss Hansani and Miss Dominique…