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Welcome to babies two

It has been an amazing Friday with all our babies. Miss.Hansani and Mis.Otavia welcomed Spencer, Cameron, Thomas, Finley, Noah, Max and Jackson in the morning with big cuddles. We started our day singing ‘’good morning song’’ like yesterday. Then we washed our hands before morning tea and sat around the table together. Children loved to listen some relaxing music while they are having morning tea. we spent most of our day exploring indoor experiences as its rainy today. We loved that change as we could focus on more indoor activities today. Children have been choosing to engage with activities as their interest. Stacking rings, sensory bottles, dinosaurs and threading the animals were their favourite free play experiences.

After free play time, we decided to develop our language skills through practicing and recognising colours and numbers. Miss.Hansani started the activity with five different colours such as Red, Yellow, Purple, Green and blue. It was nice to see that all the children were really interested to point out the colours and repeat the words after me.

Before the lunch time, children have been engaging with a group time activity cutting shapes using a red and pink playdough. This provided them opportunities with develop their fine motor skills through daily experiences. As we have been engaging with this activity during this week, most of our children know that how to move their fingers to push the cutter into the playdough to make different shapes.

have a lovely day……