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Good afternoon families and happy Friday!

What a lovely end to our week 🙂 Today we welcome back Miss Hope, and unfortunately Miss Tárn is still away 🙁 so This morning Miss Bec and Miss Hope welcomed Thomas, Max, Finley, Cameron, Liz, Noah, Jackson and Spencer into the yard where the children enjoyed exploring, climbing over obstacles, pushing cars around and sliding down the slide. We then settled down and had a morning tea picnic outdoors  which this morning, was raisin toast and fruit. Yum!

After morning tea, Miss Bec made us some magic playdough, where the playdough has coloured dye  in the middle, and the more the children play with it, the more the colour comes out. They loved making different shapes with the stencils and rolling it into balls. This was so magical! We then decided that because it was such a hot day, we went outdoors for some water play where the children loved splashing around, running through the hose and sitting themselves in the ‘pool’. It was such a great way for them to cool off. We then got ourselves dry and into a new pair of clothes and sat down inside for lunch. Today was turkey con carne, rice and salad, Yum!!

We have had a beautiful end to our week. Have a great weekend,

Love Miss Bec and Miss Hope xx