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Hello families

Welcome to babies two with all our little friends. Miss. Hansani and Miss. Lily welcome all the babies in the morning and enjoyed the day together. We started our day playing babies one room and headed back to babies two with our beautiful friends Charlie and Miller from next door. They had so much fun during the day.

After having morning tea, children have been choosing to play outside as they love all the challenging experiences outside. We did some nice drawing on the easel outside while were playing outside. Finley and Elliana were so excited to choose the colours to continue their drawing with Miss. Lily.

Miss. Hansani set our room with some nice activities today. So, Charlie, Miller and Elliana enjoyed shaking the sensory bottles as they love to make sounds. Finley and Max loved to read books under the tent as their interests. They loved the sensory books and colourful pictures. We enjoyed our indoor play with some other activities such as stacking rings, playing with the wild animals and the trucks. It was great to see our babies love to engage with different experience both indoor and outdoor.

We had a messy play in the evening with sand and water outside. They enjoyed splashing water around and throwing sand into the water.  Children have been choosing to engage with the obstacle courses and the little steps while playing outside. They are very keen on climbing at this age.

Have a good evening…

Much love from Miss. Hansani and Miss. Lily….