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Good Afternoon families of Babies Two and Welcome to the Blog! 

Today we Welcome Olive, Roman and Nash to the room. We also welcomed Miss Jess into the room for the day. What a surprised and excitement from all our wonderful friends, you all made Miss Jess feel welcomes with open arms. Through out the morning we enjoyed some stories such as That’s Not My chick, tracker and wombat which everyone enjoyed feeling the textures on the page and Olive had tried reading the story to Miss Tatiane as she communicated using words and pointing at the pictures. We had also enjoyed completing some farm animal puzzles with each other. As we placed the puzzle piece into the right place Miss Jess asked what animal it was and the sound it makes. This was wonderful communication from both Roman and Olive.

Today We enjoyed a fruit filled muffin with some strawberries, banana and mandarin which was delicious and filled our tummies for more activities.

For group time today Miss Tatiane had set up a wonderful activity filled with Colourful pasta and some tongs. Olive, Roman and Nash all rushed towards the try full of pasta and they were excited and interested in the pasts. They each picked some pasta up and felt the texture then picked up the tongs and tried using the tongs. At first, they were all unsure what the tongs were and how to use them until they had seen both Miss Tatiane and Miss Jess show them all how to use the tongs. Both Nash and Roman Picked the pasta and tongs up and throw it away then giggled to each other. Olive had given using the tongs a go, as she tried to pick the pasta up. Both Miss Tatiane and Miss Jess shouted “yay” when she did it. what excitement she had shown on her face. Both Nash and Roman gave Olive a big clap and smiled. This activity had focused on the children’s and eye/ hand coordination and had build strength for fine motor skills.

Unfortunately, there was no outdoor play today due to the wet weather and it being very cold outside. Instead, we decided to pop some bubbles inside, and all the children loved it. They giggled and smiled when seeing the bubbles in the air then pointed out to pop the bubbles.

The wonderful activities Miss Tatiane had planned were a wonderful Dinosaur stamping painting for the children. They had stamped the fossils into the paint which was red and purple then the children started stamping the fossils on the white paper. Both Olive and Roman loved putting their finger into the paint. Nash also joined in with trying to touch the paint and feeling how cold it was, it had made his friends laugh. Once everyone got cleaned up from the paint it was time to see the Sensory Ball activity. We had filled a tub up with some colourful balls for the children to feel. Olive, Nash and Roman were all excited when they had seen the balls they ran and crawled over as fast as they could to throw and play with the balls. Olive loved moving her hands under all the balls to create an earthquake throughout the balls. This made them all laugh. Nash and Roman also practiced Throwing the balls to Miss Jess as she would try and catch them. After a little while we started to get hungry as it was time for lunch, so we washed our hands and sat down nicely at the table.

For lunch we had enjoyed Mexican Fajit’s with a wonderful salad bar filled with carrot, corn, cucumber, cheese and sweet potato which the children enjoyed. 

Each friend’s sleep times vary depending on their routines.  All our friends followed their own sleep routine and they always slept well in their cots with some nice and calm music inside the sleep room.

Afternoon tea is a wonderful Energy bar and some wonderful fruits such as banana, pear, and apricots. 

This afternoon we hope to go outside if not we will continue to explore the colourful tray full of balls and completing puzzles whilst singing songs and dancing. We practiced our self-help skills by using spoons, finding drink bottles from the trolley.

Much Love Miss Tatiane and Miss Jess xoxo