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Hello families..

We have had such an amazing day in babies two today with Thomas, Finley, Spencer, Max, Noah, Jackson and Liz. We enjoyed both indoor and outdoor play and celebrating Torres strait islander culture today. We celebrated this Friday wearing dresses and necklaces with flowers. Children loved it.

children enjoyed exploring the indoor activities after having the morning tea such as, shapes puzzle, dinosaur puzzle, pushing the trains on the train tracks, stacking rings to develop children’s gross motor skills and explore the sea creatures and the dinosaurs. Children have been engaging with a group time while we were waiting for our lunch. Children enjoyed having a free drawing session while sitting around the table. We have noticed that they loved to share the colours with their friends and continue drawing using different colours.

Sleep time…. We were so excited as today is our second day sleeping on the stretcher beds in babies two. Thomas, Jackson, Max, Finley and Noah did such a grate job recognising their beds and having big sleeps so beautifully. We are so proud of you.

Children enjoyed exploring their outdoor yard in the morning and enjoy all the activities we set up such as climbing beam, soft blocks, bicycles, and hula-hoops. They also enjoyed playing in the sand pit with babies one friends in the afternoon.

have a good weekend…