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Hello all the families

It has been a beautiful Wednesday with our seven little friends, Elliana, Cameron, Ruby, Finley, Jackson, Max and Tairongo.

Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning and in the afternoon as they love to be in outside. it is a good opportunity to have some fresh air. we have been doing some water play in the morning by using some iced bottles and ice cubes. They loved it.

Cameron has been choosing to play by himself, crawl around the room and talk a lot with miss Nikki and miss Hansani. Finley, Tairongo, Ruby and Max were really interested in outside water play with the iced bottles and ice cubes. they loved to touch and feel the icy cold. Elliana and Jackson have been playing inside most of the day and they enjoyed sharing toys. Finley is very gentle with his friends and Ruby was able to choose what she wants to do during the day. Jackson has been choosing to play with the spider web in the evening. Our little friends are growing really fast and they enjoy new activities everyday.

Looking forward for tomorrow