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Good afternoon everyone

Happy Friday…. Children had such a beautiful day in babies two today exploring all the indoor and outdoor experiences during the day. Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn welcomed Liz, Spencer, Finley, Noah, Jackson, Max and Cameron in the morning with big cuddles. Miss.Lilly and our baby Daris also joined with us today. Welcome to babies two Daris we hope you had such a beautiful day in babies two.

So we started our day exploring indoor activities as usual. Playing with the trucks, trains, animals, sea animals, puzzles and building blocks were the favourite activities during the morning. After that, we went outside and had our morning tea while children were sitting outside with Miss.Lilly. we also enjoyed our lunch outside today while having some nice and fresh air.

TodaY, Miss.T’arn made a big playdough using red and purple colour as finley’s request and one without any colours. When Miss.T’arn asked from children ‘’ what colour would you like for the playdough?’’ Finley replied ‘’red…purple’’ with a big smile. Children loved to touch and break pieces into different sizes.

Before the lunch time, we decided to have a play time in toddlers yard as our children already showed their interest on exploring new experiences, challenging experiences and other activities which help to develop their gross motor skills. Children were so excited to explore the yard and engage with activities. Liz, Jackson and Noah were extremely excited to climb on the bridge and walk on the bridge tent until they reach the slide. They went through the bridge net without any hesitation and demonstrated their balancing skills. Finley and Max enjoyed riding bicycles around the yard while spencer and Cameron playing in the sand pit. Daris enjoyed reading some books with Miss.Lillya and playing outside with Liz happily. They enjoyed playing with sand and explore the abacus puzzle.

Have a nice weeked…

Much love from Miss.Hansani, Miss.T’arn and Miss.Lilly….