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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Happy Friday… We have had such a beautiful day today with Bella, Valencia, Olive and Daris. It has been super busy and fun day all day. This morning we explored our outdoor yard with babies three friends. We set up the yard nicely for our babies and they loved the activities we set up. Soft blocks castle was the most exciting experience this morning. Daris, Bella and Valencia loved to walk on the blocks and carry them around and place them one on one. Olive jumped into the sand pit with the biggest smile this morning as she loves sand. She found some shovels and baskets and started digging holes and put sand in the basket. Then we all walk on the balancing bridge and went on the slide too.

Then we came inside and washed our hands to get rid of all the sands and had some yummy morning tea before exploring the other activities. Then Miss.Hansani played with kids and encouraged them with self-selecting experiences. Olive enjoyed playing in the home corner playing with the little pots and salad bowls while Valencia was carrying the lunch box around the room and showing it to Miss.Hansani. Daris and Bella played with the little baby dolls and Daris decided to sit on their bed like the dolls.

Today Miss.Hansani heard lots of words from our babies during the conversations. Valencia was saying ‘’Mama car’’ and ‘’dada car’’ this morning. Then she said ‘’Apple, Ball, Tea, Ta, Hi, Baby’’ with Miss.Hansani. Olive was so excited to show her T-shirt today saying ‘’Bluey’’. Bella uses her words when she needs something, and she picks almost all the words we talk during the day. Daris asked for his bottle saying ‘’ bottle and Ta’’. Also, he uses lots of words such as ‘’Ball, Book, Bubble, woow’’. Well done babies two.

Before the lunch time Valencia did her animal feet painting and then we all made a jelly fish using our handprints using red, yellow and blue colours. Then we explored a sensory activity which made with ice and bugs and pompoms inside. Children loved to touch the ice and watch until it melts. They were very curious about why the bugs and pompoms inside and covered with ice. So, we put some water to make it faster to melt. They loved to touch the cold water and splash them around. It was so much fun. We waited and rescued only few bugs. We are going to go outside and see if it’s fully melted this afternoon.

It has been such an amazing day..

Much love Miss.Hansani